Business profile

As far as Matricaria production is concerned, Matricaria by W. Grootscholten sets the standard in flower country par excellence, the Netherlands. Its four-hectare greenhouse complex allows the company to grow three varieties of Matricaria, an attractive flower and an excellent choice for arrangements and bouquets, in large quantities of the very best quality. Over a period of thirty years, Matricaria by W. Grootscholten has managed to create a distinct profile for itself as an indispensable market partner. Major factors in the company’s success are sustainable investments in light, computerization, energy and in the most advanced production methods.
Matricaria, a once hardly known simple summer flower, owes its development into a first rate, strong, mature year round flower all to the W. Grootscholten company.

Grootscholten Matricaria ensures that the flowers can be delivered to satisfied customers all year round in any desired and realisable top quality, at an honest price and in uniform ample quantities.

Annual certification
Every year, Grootscholten Matricaria BV. is assessed on its compliance with the MPS GAP Certificate.  All qualities demanded to obtain the GAP certificate underline the philosophy behind Grootscholten Matricaria BV.’s operational management and can be summed up as follows: “Honest, reliable and of top quality.”

Grootscholten Matricaria BV. has the following certificates:


Grootscholten Matricaria registers in a responsible manner how much energy, crop protection and fertilizers are used.


Stands for Good Agricultural Practices and guarantees that Grootscholten Matricaria complies with all environmental requirements.


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